Three VIDEOS on Why Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Women?

Three Videos on Why older men go to Tijuana to meet Younger Women?   It does not matter the age or race, but older men are attracted to younger woman.  Older man that fail at dating  younger women; as a consequence, will go to Tijuana for a young woman.  Most men are attracted to younger women, because of our evolutionary preconditioning:

  • Woman are beauty and reproduction objects, based on our human preconditioning.
  • While, men are success objects, in a nutshell.

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Women subconsciously desire access to a successful man with resources. Resources are not always about money!  It does not mean you need to find a woman that wants you for your money.  You want a woman that desires your personal resources couple with taking care of yourself , basic grooming and having your shit together:

  • Life Experience- Some women are interested in an older man for their life experiences.
  • Intelligence-Most older men have improved their intelligence or common sense, by just living.
  • Exciting- A 19 year old woman has had almost no excitements. If you Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Womenknow how to dance, biking, video editing, etc, then you can offer some excitement to the girl.
  • Networking- A young girl has not had a chance to develop networking skills, and you will be interesting. Your grey hair, job  and business experiences are interesting to some younger
  • Better in Sex- Most older men will develop better love skills as they get older.

The Attraction with Older Men is Maturity!

Masculine maturity is a big attraction for younger women. Women are usually a lot more mature than men their own age. Some girls don’t deal with men of their own age, as they can’t deal with a young bull shitters. Older men are past the selfish bullshit phase of their own lives.

We are NOT suggesting going MGTOW, but Still Meeting Younger Women, and if not going to TJ for Younger Women!

They say the divorce rate is 50%, but actually it’s more like 80% over a ten year period!

Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Women

Most people I come across in SoCal, are divorced with problems.  The problems range, from who gets the kids, child support, her support, mortgages, credit card bills, etc. A total nightmare!

For most divorced men, a quick trip to Tijuana to meet younger women (18-25), is more like a cruise in the Caribbean!  A high end prostitute in Tijuana, plus a room will cost less than $150, or even less, for a lower end older Tijuana prostitute.

Three Videos on Why Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Women?

#1 Video Why Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Women?  Hot To Get Younger: Women Entrepreneurs in Cars recommends “not to get into her world.”  “You bring them into your world.” You are not going to hang out into her dance clubs.

#2 Video Why Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Women?  Why do younger girls like older men? Anastasia Zwilling: indicates she prefers older men.  She enjoys older men, based on their “stability, life experiences,” and they are better in bed.

#3 Video Why Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Women? Why Do Women Date Older Men? Entrepreneurs in Cars: indicated “sexual market place declines at 30;” while most men at 40 years of age.  In addition, Female sexual market decreases more rapidly after 30.

It also takes most men to develop emotionally. In my twenties, I had a hard time to relate emotionally with girls.

It Can be Harder for Most Divorced Men to Meet Younger Women in Tijuana

Harder for most divorced men to meet younger women in Tijuana, because they grew up in medium to large families.    It seems most divorced men, miss the family, but it’s really hard to be alone.

On the other hand, I was a Foster kid. Both Foster Families treated me OK, Older Men Go To Tijuana to Meet Younger Womenbut I still hated being a foster home. The family life I was exposed to was OK, but nothing extraordinary for me, I’m so indifferent to having a family.

I went in the Marines after high school, and found it fun and interesting. However, after awhile, I wanted my life back, during which time I visited the brothels of Tijuana.

I never got married and no kids.  It’s easier to not having a mortgage. I do have some friends,  still date some, but meet younger women via seminars and apps like Tinder.  It’s easier not have child support and occasionally vesting Tijuana for younger Women!

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