Hong Kong Tijuana- $80 Prostitutes!

Hong Kong Tijuana is rated as the best girly club. As they like to call themselves, Hong Kong Gentlemens’ Club, is the best girl hong kong tijuanabar/brothel/lap dance in Tijuana. Not only do they have a great selection of cold beer, but have several sport Televisions and 100s of girls. Hong Kong TJ is great place to see sporting events for free!

On the inside, Hong Kong Tijuana consists of three fun levels. Not only do they have VIP Rooms, but they also have fun hot tub and shower shows. Yes, at Hong Kong TJ you can touch!!! And touch her as you wish…

Above the Hong Kong Tijuana provides a hotel with many rooms. The Hong Kong Tijuana consists of many types of rooms from a Single room for $55-$70 US dollars to The Pent House Villa $695-$895. A Jacuzzi rooms are available for $90-$120, just wonderful.

At Hong Kong TJ, Friday and Saturday nigts are packed with customers and 100s of girls. It can be difficult to get in and find a hong kong tijuanatable. Most prices tend to be higher. The girls, at Hong Kong Tijuana, will charge more on Friday and Saturday nights. Don’t be surprise, if these girls try to rush you, because they can find another client, and make more money.

Also, most days around certain holidays, like the 4th or Labor Day are extremely busy, and you will be rushed. The best days to visit the Hong Kong Tijuana, is on Tuesday through Thursday. On those days the Club has less people and the girls will charge you less. Also, the during the day 10:00-5:PM there tends to be younger legal girls. Starting $60 Prostitutes.

Please check out their coupons. In the past they had a free lap dance on Mon/Tues. Two beers plus appetizer on Mon/Tues. Just amazing. Please check their site, and check out there coupons/specials.

Hong Kong TJ Coupons

Ever so often. Hong Kong Tijuana has really fun special events such as 4th of July, Cinco de Mayo, and Halloween.

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Hong Kong Tijuana Hong Kong Tijuana

Hong Kong Tijuana
Calle Coahuilla 2009, Zona Norte,
22000 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

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