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Adelita Bar

by Adelita Bar There are no lapdances at Adelita  The thought is that no one would want to get a dance from a girl when they could just as easily bang them in the motel upstairs and, for the most part, they’re probably right.  Having said that, there are plenty of guys who love dances […]

Guide to Tijuana

by Guide to Tijuana Located just under 30kms (16 Miles) from San Diego – Tijuana, Mexico was once the “worlds most visited city”. However the city almost seems deserted with western travellers who once helped strengthen the countries poor economy. While USA is very beautiful in parts – it’s not that much different to Australia. […]

Tijuana prostitutes stray from “zone of tolerance”

by Tijuana prostitutes stray from “zone of tolerance” Tijuana’s downtown prostitutes are straying outside the area in which they are allowed to offer their services legally, prompting city officials to promise a crackdown on the wayward streetwalkers. According to accounts in both El Mexicano and El Sol de Tijuana, two Baja California dailies, the women […]

How safe is Ensenada, Mexico?

by How safe is Ensenada, Mexico? For less than 4 hours, there really isn’t much you can do or see. Sure, you could run downtown and hit a club for an hour or so, but why bother. It sounds like your stop is nothing more than fulfilling the foreign port for gambling purposes. There is […]